MySpace Mondays: Stick Family

For the artist in you, you can create your own Stick Figure Family. It’s sort of like of a family tree that you can have. It’s cute, it’s fairly easy to use but I’m going to knock off a point because buttons should be used instead of hyperlinks in some places, but that’s not the only thing going on.

Most importantly, they have figured out like some of the other applications that they should be cross promoting across the multiple social networking sites. There are four other sites like FaceBook they are promoting this application on. The reason it’s called Open Social is that it’s an open platform. Sure, there’s some customization that goes on, but not that much, so we should be seeing more of this.

Application rating (1 to 5, 5 being highest):

  • Usefulness: 2
  • Usability: 2
  • Fun Factor: 4
  • Stability: 5
  • Monetization Opportunities: 3