Consultant Thursdays: Care Must Be Taken When Picking Where You Work

I know it’s tough, especially if you are looking for a job right now, to carefully select where you want to work next. However, Seth Godin has a great post about the effects of working somewhere that doesn’t fit who you are and what you need to get out of your day job. Even though we aren’t supposed to like work (that’s why it’s not called fun), we spend over a third to a half of our waking hours there.

He made a few really good points that resonate. You should take a job only if:

  • If makes you better at what you do
  • If it makes you more marketable
  • If you can learn something there

The best quote from his article:

Great marketing involves having a great product, and not every job (or every client) is worth your time or attention or love.

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