QuickTip Sundays: AlienBees.com And Reflecting Your Brand

No matter what, your site is the first thing your users see, and in effect your brand; a true brand will build loyal customers

I buy way too much photo equipment. Way too much. I got some high end lenses, the prosumer Canon 5D body. It’s fun stuff.

For lighting equipment, I want to buy good quality stuff, but I don’t want to break the bank, so Alienbees come highly recommended. They are a company based in Kentucky, and their customers rave about them.

Most importantly, they know who they are, which is more than I can say about most of the customers I know.

Their website isn’t the most attractive site on the planet; however, it’s really easy to use, and reflects the personal nature they use when dealing with their fanatical customer base. No elaborate graphics, no flash, but there’s a simple shopping cart that’s straightforward.

The site has this clunky, midwest feel to it, but that’s okay, that’s who they are, and they even include links to other vendors for products they don’t have. It’s a true resource for the camera buff.

They are religious about customer relationship management. Keep it simple stupid is their motto.

How religious about their superior customer service?

I had one of their flash packs die on me. I used their website, called their customer service, and was connected directly to their tech person. He explained the issue in English, that it was a bad transistor that’s been showing up in some of their recent products, and that they are making their best efforts of keeping their customers happy.

He said, ship it, we’ll have it out back to you the next day.

I did, they did. I received a phone call, an email notice that it was on it’s way.

How often do you see that?

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