QuickTip Sundays: OleOle And Localization Of Your Site


If Your Audience Demands It, Localization Your Site

I’ll admit it, I’m not a big Soccer fan, but I get Ole Ole because it’s this social network that services the biggest base of sports fans in the world. Remember, the world speaks different languages and they happen to use the internet, so why not?

OleOle is the perfect example of not only why you should translate your blog into different languages (they have translated the site into 10 different lanuages, including Japanese, Chinese and other asian languages), but how to do it effectively. Because of their approach, OleOle has attracted an international audience. Not everything is translated, but enough of it to make it very usable for the user. OleOle also makes it very easy for a user to signup, in 10 different languages.

At the very least, limit the amount of text that is in graphic format so the users can use Google to translate the site, or copy and paste it into their own translation program (I’ve seen users do that). Make it as simple as possible.