Consultant Thursdays: What Do You Look For In An UX Specialist?

If you were to interview a UX specialist, what questions would you ask? What skills would you look for?

This was originally published in the IA-55 Meetup list by Ha Phan, an author here at Usability Counts. This seemed good to share:

I would ask questions that probe the person’s ability to think strategically about design. Also important is understanding their process and their role in specific projects.

Here are some sample questions I’d ask a senior UX candidate:

  • What is your process for gathering requirements?
  • How do you determine or prioritize features and requirements that are to incorporated in the design?
  • If there are no user analysis data or personae available, what methods, (if any) do you use to get a better understanding of your end user and to assure that your design meets strategic goals?
  • How do you measure the success and failure of your design?
  • Please show us a project where you’ve executed the User Centered Process
  • In the past, how have you worked with visual designers? Where does UX end and skin design begin?
  • How do you address scope creep?

What questions do you think should be added?

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