Consulting Thursdays: 10 Simple Steps To Landing More Gigs

It’s been a while (sorry, it’s been a busy month).

Here’s an article that I spotted over at Freelance Switch about landing more gigs. The concise list is:

  1. Keep a Polished Resume & Portfolio
  2. Write Effective Emails
  3. Use Gmail's "Canned Responses" Feature
  4. Personalize and Tailor Your Message for Each Job
  5. The Importance of Email Subject Lines
  6. Maximize Your Job Search With RSS
  7. Extend Your Reach Beyond Local Jobs
  8. Persistent, but Respectful Follow-up Emails
  9. Don't Stop Hunting For Your Next Gig
  10. Professionalism, Honesty, and Confidence

I can personally vouch for 4 — I had a chance at an interview for a good agency, and the indication I got was I hadn’t included a formal cover letter (a previous email to them had come up with blank content, and I didn’t resend with that note). In times of more applicants with greater experience, clients and companies look for reasons not to look at candidates who aren’t the best fits, and good communication skills are required of any employee or contractor.

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