How To Increase Conversion: Red Buttons

This became an inside joke I at the Online Marketing Summit, one of my clients. I was doing the drinking thang (networking, talking with attendees), and I always have one gimmick that I go with at an event as an icebreaker.

The joke was, “so how do you increase conversion?”

“Red Buttons.”

I’m sure Red Buttons the comedian didn’t know he was going to be the punchline for a user experience jokes. “I’m here on Tuesdays, tip your waitress, next up They Might Be Giants…”


That’s not always the case, as stated in this great tool that’s been around for a year, Which Test Won.

Which Test Won is a great little site that does what we all want: publish the results of A/B tests for ideas of better site conversion.

In the red button/grey button test, Verizon tried two versions of a home page, one with red buttons everywhere, and one with a single red button. The main call to action was a gray button.

Can you guess which one won? Go to the site to see.