Quora: What’s Wrong With OpenID?

From Yishan Wong:

OpenID simply stands no chance.  It is like saying to people, “Hey, I notice you have a lot of keys on your keyring.  Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could unify them all so you wouldn’t have to carry all those keys?  (sounding pretty okay here so far…)  All right, here, instead of using those keys, you should take this  extremely convoluted and foreign-looking mobile phone, into which you have to insert all of your keys, type in a special password, and then oh, well, it works on most locks but not all of them, so you’ll only be able to replace some of your keys with it, so now you should carry this new weird mobile phone on your keyring too.  Also, it doesn’t work as a phone.  And it has other companies’ brand names printed all over it.  And it calls one of those companies whenever you use it.”

OpenID is not flawed in some minor product way that requires just a few tweaks, it is so massively flawed (perhaps in its very conception) that anyone in their right mind would immediately know that it could never possibly be successful, the very notion that there’s merely “something wrong” with it is a Joseph Goebbels -“Big Lie”-style question wherein the nerds who came up with it have somehow been brainwashed into thinking that it could somehow ever be a viable thing that real people would want to adopt.

Well said. Read more.

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