SFGate Breaking News: San Francisco Police Officers Get Email Addresses

From SFGate:

San Francisco Police Chief  Greg Suhr announced Thursday that his Police Department had accomplished a technological feat no other … er, almost every other government agency already has: As of this week, every single police officer has an e-mail address.

“I agree, this shouldn’t be news in 2011,” Suhr said Thursday. “You can use (this) as a direct quote from me for the last several years: ‘Please, could we just – everybody have e-mail?’ “


The City of San Francisco’s annual budget is $6.83 billion (proposed for 2011-2012). That’s a lot of coin.  You would think they could give out email addresses years ago.

For a city that has that much tax revenue and is an a high tech mecca, sometimes it amazes me how slowly technology is instituted in the city government.

Maybe in 2018, they’ll set up a Twitter account and Facebook fan page.