The Starr Conspiracy: Yes, There Are Crazy People on Twitter

There are idiots on Twitter. But dealing with them is easier than than you think.

Twitter can be a great B2B or B2C marketing tool; however, just like any social networking site, it has its share of idiots. There are sad and lonely souls in this world – people with mental illness and delusions of invincibility. When those individuals find an opportunity to express themselves in horrible ways, they take it.

My normal advice is simple. You have a choice to ignore, respond to or block someone. If you feel something illegal has happened or your employee is at risk, call the police. Most fears are overstated. Focus on creating relationships and nurturing your most loyal fans. The offensive tweets are no big deal.

And the best way to mitigate social media risks? Follow the rules listed below as defined by The Starr Conspiracy.

So my advice still stands for B2B and B2C engagement on all social networking sites.

  • Create an editorial calendar that reflects your voice.
  • Understand your rules of engagement.
  • Train your employees to effectively monitor your brand.

See…not so hard.

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