Marketing Wednesdays: Who’s Your Target?

Before you can create a successful ad, website, brochure, direct mail letter or other marketing piece, you must first ask an important question: Exactly who is the target audience? After all, your business most likely has a number of different target audiences, each of which has their own particular hot buttons, needs and wants. The most successful marketing campaigns are those that target the specific needs and wants of a particular market segment.

Identify All of Your Target Audiences

For example, say you manufacture a product that is sold both to retail stores and direct to consumers through a website. Your list of target audiences might include:

  • Potential, current and past customers; people who inquired about your product in the past but did not make a purchase at the time
  • Potential, current, past and inquiring retail stores and distributors
  • Influencers (people in positions of authority who could recommend your product to consumers)
  • Media (trade and consumer publications, newsletters, e-zines, radio, TV, etc.)
  • And more

Tailor Your Message

Rank your list in order of importance, and then decide which group or groups you will focus on with this marketing piece. Think about the specific benefits that your product or service brings to these groups and tailor your message accordingly. For example, while retail stores might want to know about your product's compact and attractive packaging, consumers are probably much more interested in your product's durability.

Finally, make sure that everything about your marketing piece – words, colors, overall layout, photos used, etc. – speaks directly to your chosen audience.