Why The iPod Rocks, And Why Apple Is Going To Be Rich

This past weekend, I was in San Francisco for a client meeting, conference and some pre-sales work. As usual, I had forgotten to buy some music I wanted to listen to over the weekend, and my MacBook (the personal computer with all the music) was 400 miles away.

What did I do? Did what any self-respecting iPod Touch user would do: bought the music anyways through WiFi. It took me less than two minutes to go through the purchase process, truly an impulse buy that all music vendors aspire to.

Something so simple as buying music through thin air is another reason why Apple is so far ahead of the pack: the iPod experience connected to iTunes are clearly such a superior experience that other vendors are going to have a hard time catching up.

In other words, Apple has figured out how to sell out how to sell the razors and razorblades — clearly how usability and a superior user experience leads to a better bottom line.