Download free User Experience templates to use

I teach at General Assembly in Seattle as a Part Time UX Instructor. One task that pained me early on while teaching was watching students scour the Internet for templates they could use to do user research, create site maps, and record usability tests — especially documents that could be used by using free collaborative tools. So I created my own. All of them use free tools like Google Docs or as the platform, and I’m releasing them to the wild.

As I reminded my students, as a designer you should never create anything from scratch. I may have “borrowed” some of these templates from other people. Additionally, some of the examples show what a Site Map can look like for common website patterns. Most importantly, they emphasize the research and usability testing portion of design, and are orientated to a lean approach of working with others.

Kudos to Rebecca Destello for encouraging me to share these documents. She’ll be using them in an upcoming class at University of Washington.

I would love to hear your feedback so I turned commenting on. The list will continue to grow as I continue to teach.

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