MySpace Mondays: Truth Box Review

I’m going to start reviewing the applications of MySpace I come across that I think have some value. Most of them have a serious fun factor — did you really think any of them were going to be actually useful — but there are a few of them that truly extend the profile.

Truth Box — this is a “me too” application, because it’s easy to build, and there’s quite a few other applications just like it.

The whole concept is that people can comment on your profile anonymously, and you can review the comments without making the public right away. It’s an application that appeals mostly to the teen set, I guess, because you can tell someone of what you think of them without having to reveal who you are.

While this particular application isn’t particularly attractive, it’s fairly easy to use, and most of the functionality is easy to find. The viral functionality works the best (of course), and one of the interesting issues with it is somehow people were able to submit comments about a profile I had before I had the application, so I could view them from the storage area.

The is purely a page views application, so the targeting for advertising is almost nil.

Application rating (1 to 5, 5 being highest):

  • Usefulness: 2
  • Usability: 4
  • Fun Factor: 4
  • Stability: 2
  • Monetization Opportunities: 1