Consultant Thursdays: What Are The Cardinal Sins Of A Consultant?

A few from Alexis Antonelli:

  • Not doing your homework: proactively learning about the client, their business, etc without expecting them to give you all of this info.
  • Not building trust, don’t assume you already have it.
  • Forgetting something the client has told you.
  • If you are on a consulting team, not being on the same page with your team members, or playing good cop/bad cop.
  • Not being prepared for meetings, even to the smallest detail.
  • Wasting a client’s time when you could have gotten some answers on your own, through combining meetings or doing additional research.
  • Not educating the client as you go along.
  • Acting like a robot, not acting like a person they might actually like.
  • Not keeping good communication, status information, etc.

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