Consultant Thursdays: Boring Pays

Where I work at, we have this phenomenal client list, but there’s a good chance you’ll never see it. Most of the work we do is intranet work, and it’s boring.

It also pays well. Very well.

A lot of consultants want to work on only the most exciting projects, where I’m trying to angle for less exciting government and corporate clients, because they have work no one else wants to do. Smart consulting companies do well with these clients, because they aren’t competing with many other clients.

For example, tons of agencies pitch websites for Paramount movies.

Few agencies or firms pitch intranets at Paramount because, well, it’s boring. No one’s going to see it. Yet, on my company’s client list, we list Paramount as a client, and our work may be more important to Paramount than a website for a single movie.

The website for the movie has to be built only twice.

That intranet for Paramount goes on forever.