Silly Saturdays: You May Be A Design Redneck If…

  1. If you think a JPEG is a large party kegger.
  2. If you think websites are where lots of spiders hang out.
  3. If you think Photoshop is a new form of vocational training.
  4. If you think a complimentary color scheme is plaids and stripes, you may be a design redneck.
  5. If you think Clipart is something you cut out of the Sunday funnies, you might be a design redneck.
  6. You might be a design redneck if you think toner is rubbed on before going outside.
  7. You may be a design redneck if you think software is your under garments after washing with fabric softener.
  8. If you think typography is related to the hill behind your house.
  9. If you think InDesign is a new wave rock band, you might be a design redneck.
  10. If you think a light bulb moment is when you open the refrigerator door.

The complete list is at Graphic Design Blog.

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