QuickTip Sundays: RSS Feed And Subscribing Via Email

I’ll be the very first to admit I do a lousy job highlighting RSS Feeds on this site, and I just got around to adding a subscribing via email function. Many sites do a wonderul job of it. The truth is that the vast majority of users still don’t know was an RSS Feed is (Hey Dave Winer, just because it’s called Really Simple Syndication doesn’t mean people know what syndication means).

So here are a few tips:

  • Add a subscribe via email function (which I’m going to add soon). Feedburner has a few options, and make the text simple, like what I wrote on this site.
  • Make the RSS Feed image big so people can find it (and i find those little feedburner images too small)
  • Add a link next to this called, “What’s this?” I’ll be adding a page explaining what RSS is, and most sites, especially sites with less sophisticated users, should add this.