Corporate Training Still Stuck in Stone Age

What I want to know is why after all this time, corporate training have not caught up with the rest of the world. When it comes to training, companies are still following the same model since 100 B.C. (Before Computer). So I’m exaggerating, but companies are still spending a ton of money on printing manuals, still conducting face-to-face training, and their web based training still remembles the CBTs of yester-years when the pixel is as big as your thumb.

By the time the training collaterals are updated, they’re already obsolete, since the software has undergone yet another upgrade. The problem is further aggravated as companies expand abroad and workflows are altered. We’ve always known that a company’s intellectual property  is a moving target. It’s never finite. This problem has always been there ever since 100 B.C. However, it has just  become more apparent and less managable as the world becomes smaller; and dialog, now a tangible source of knowledge.

Corporate training could learn a thing or two by just looking at wikihow, howstuffworks, ehow, and  viddler. This model would allow companies to have a knowledge bank that is always current, sharable, editable, and transparent. I mean the comment feature on video streams from Viddler is just so perfect for training, it’s screaming to be ripped off.

Seems like a no brainer, right?

But I’ve encountered this same problem over and over again everytime I work for a large company with a proprietary software and a complex workflow.  I just hope corporate training will catch up to Web 2.0 by the time we’re at Web 3.0.