Masters Of The Obvious: AdWeek Points Out Good User Experience Is A Reflection Of The Brand

Approximately 24 years after Apple got it with the Macintosh and many of their other products, AdWeek surmises in an article that User Experience is a reflection on the brand, as Viaspire points out. (A manager of mine with one of those fancy MBA titles pointed this out to me in 1998, so I know it’s not some new thing, but back then, User Experience wasn’t a term until Jesse James Garrett could make money off of it).

Well, duh.

Not to further point out the obvious, but whenever a company touches a customer, it’s a reflection on the brand, whether it be through a website, a commercial, or the actual product. Phenominal User Experiences with the correct amount of Marketing bring profitability (read: Apple’s record quarter of Mac Sales, Amazon’s success as a retailer, eBay’s branding as the world’s largest garage sale).

Again, it’s not just a technology thing — the company has to live and breathe it.

It’s all a reflection of the brand.