Masters Of The Obvious: McKinsey & Company Says IT Investments Can Save Companies Money

Punk Rock HR received this as an email. I’m in the wrong business, I need to write white papers.

Managing IT in a downturn: Beyond cost cutting:

  • As the economic slowdown intensifies, companies are looking for ways to cut costs, and IT budgets are a prime target.
  • Rather than implement across-the-board cuts, managers should take a more integrated view of how IT is used throughout the business.
  • Targeted IT investments can make operations more efficient and increase revenues, delivering returns larger than simple cost-cutting measures typically do.

This article contains the following exhibits:

  • Exhibit 1: Investments in technology-enabled business processes can deliver up to ten times the impact of traditional IT cost reduction efforts.
  • Exhibit 2: Across industries, technology investments can have a substantial impact in select areas.