Marketing Wednesdays: Make a Name for Yourself

One way to generate publicity for your firm is to become known as the “go to” expert in your field. Your business’ goals will determine whether your aim is to make a name for yourself nationally, locally, within your line of work, in relevant online communities or in some combination of the above. What can you do to establish yourself as an expert? Try some of the following tactics:

  • Give Talks. Speak at meetings of community groups, trade associations and any other organization whose members would be interested in your area of expertise.
  • Publish Articles. Write a regular column or series of articles for your local newspaper or for magazines or websites that are read by your target audience.
  • Join Online Discussion Groups. Become a regular participant on the most popular discussion boards for your target audience. Be sure your signature line identifies who you are and includes a link to your firm’s website.
  • Write a Newsletter. An informative newsletter can help establish you as a knowledgeable expert.
  • Write a Book or E-Book. If you’ve been writing articles, turn a collection of them into a book. Even if you publish it yourself, this will make you a “published author” in your field.

Although becoming known as an expert requires an on-going effort, the benefits – increased exposure, leads and sales for your business – can make it all worthwhile.