Twittering Food Truck

I have to admit. For awhile now, I secretly thought that Twitter was just a tool for a lot of self-indulgent people. I’m not the type to follow Ashton Kutcher’s daily rants. I wouldn’t even follow my BFF’s twitters for that matter. It seems as if we spend every second of our day pushing buttons on devices and adding to the noise of virtual reality rather   than living in the physical here-and-now. To what extent do we  build and use  technology for technology sake rather than enhance the quality of our lives?

Then, along came  Kogi, the twittering food truck that has revolutionized fast food. Apparently, the hottest place to eat in L.A. right now is on the sidewalk, next to a food truck that serves Korean BBQ tacos. People follow Kogi on Twitter to track the truck’s location and to find out the specials for the day. All of a sudden, people are hanging out on the street, eating and socializing. Don’t get me started on the whole Korean Taco thing. It’s so multicultural, so “Melting Pot,” so  “We are the World,” so “United Colors of Benneton.”

Technology that actually gets people to go outside and interact with one another rather than hide behind their online personas? Who would’ve thunk?