Cool Website Tuesdays: The League Of Movable Type

I’m kind of conflicted about Open Source, but at least for fonts The League Of Movable Type has a cool website. Maybe for true typography on the web, they can advance the cause.

Their manifesto:

We are Caroline and Micah, the founders of The League. As designers on the web, we have a calling to raise the standards of the web-design world. We’re not the only ones who value good design, and it’s time for the web world to catch up with it. We understand the challenges that comes with the internet, but with our recent discovery of @font-face, we started getting excited. For those who aren’t up to speed, @font-face is a fairly new addition to web styling, letting a designer specify the location of their own font files. Instead of having to design with just a handful of web-friendly fonts, we’ll be able to use any typeface we desire. Well, that’s our vision, anyway.