Consultant Thursdays: 25 Ways to Market Your Business

Business owners always ask: How can I market my business? Well, depending on the nature of your business and your budget, the possibilities are endless. Here, in no particular order, are 25 options:

  1. Networking – many areas have a variety of options
  2. Your Website – your "silent salesperson"
  3. Press Releases – try to garner free publicity with a newsworthy message
  4. Email Newsletters – a great way to stay "top of mind" with customers & prospects
  5. Events – attend or sponsor events targeted to your prospects
  6. Public Speaking – become known as an expert
  7. Free Trial – give away free samples or no-obligation consultations
  8. Signage On Your Car – turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard
  9. Banner Ads – on other company's websites
  10. Pay Per Click Online Advertising – with Google Adwords, Yahoo, or others
  11. Online Classified Ads – try Craig's List or industry-specific sites
  12. Telemarketing – good old-fashioned "cold calling"
  13. Blogs – write your own or try to get mentioned on those written by others
  14. Ads On Prospect's Doors – blanket the neighborhood with door hangers or fliers
  15. Referral Programs – reward your customers for bringing in more customers
  16. VIP Customer Programs – identify your best customers & encourage them to buy more
  17. Post Videos on YouTube – especially to reach a younger audience
  18. Direct Mail – can be anything from simple postcards to elaborate packages
  19. In Store Advertising – including signage, fliers, and your front window display
  20. Promotional Items – give-aways emblazoned with your company logo, website, etc.
  21. Co-Op Advertising – join forces with non-competing businesses
  22. Print Ads – in magazines, newspapers, and trade journals
  23. Radio or TV Ads – with cable TV stations you can narrow in on a specific area
  24. Free Standing Inserts – in newspapers and mail
  25. Trade Shows – depending on your business this can be key

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