13 Quotes That Show The Customer Isn’t Ready For A Good Website

Stolen from The Web Usability Blog.

  1. “Why we want a new website? We don’t like the old one anymore.”
  2. “Interactivity is very important to us.”
  3. “We know what we want. Our web team has had a brainstorm session about it.”
  4. “We’d like a big visual at the top of every page.”
  5. “We’ve already chosen the technical system. Now  all we have to do is get the content in there.”
  6. “Our advertising agency has already made the lay-out. All you have to do is make the tree structure.”
  7. “Where in the menu is the procurement division?”
  8. “That’s a very sensitive issue in our company.”
  9. “Prices on our website? No way.”
  10. “We really  think we need a news section.”
  11. “We’ve positioned the product like that for 10 years. We’re not going to change it.”
  12. “That word doesn’t really fit our corporate  image. We don’t want to use it on our website.”
  13. “Our web builder/ IT department says that isn’t possible.”