Career Mondays: Web Product Manager – Los Angeles, California

If you are interested, send me an email at

Position Overview

  • Lead the design of our new web site
  • Create an amazing user experience for our members
  • Optimize Conversion from Visitors to Consumers
  • Team work within the company to strategize and implement an ever improving experience.
  • Lead the creation of our Product Requirement Documents
  • Team with the Engineers in the web team to create a productive and friendly work environment
  • Team work with the entire company and our community to identify new needs and get feedback on existing features

Required Experience

  • 4+ Years as a Web Product Manager focused on Conversion to paying customers in B2C websites
  • 4+ Years of experience building dynamic, customizable and personalizable web sites
  • 4+ Years of practical experience of web optimization of conversion based on metrics, AB testing and other such techniques
  • Excellent understanding of Web Engineering
  • Excellent understanding of Web Marketing
  • Successful track record of driving the successful completion multiple cycles of optimization of conversion of traffic from non-paying to paying in a B2C environment
  • BS/MS in Marketing or MBA
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or Engineering