Kicker Studio: Why You Want (But Won’t Like) A Minority Report-style Interface

From Kicker Studio: Big, huge gestural interfaces aren’t all they are cracked up to be:

Oh sure, they  look really cool, and certainly  companies are doggedly trying to create them.  Bloggers and tech geeks love them. (Any time you put Minority Report into a title, you’re bound to get traffic.) But I guarantee you very few of those people have actually  used one for any length of time. If not done well (and sometimes ever if they are), they are exhausting. Human beings aren’t meant to hold their arms out in front of their bodies making gestures for long periods of time. It creates a condition called  Gorilla Arm (aching muscles, stiffness, a swollen feeling) because it violates  basic human ergonomics. Tom Cruise (who, let’s be honest, is in better shape than 95% of us) was reportedly tired from just acting out the scenes in the movie.

I loved the Surface when it came out, but the first question was — how do I use it?

It makes sense in a mobile device to have a lot of gestural interfaces, or the iPad for example. But in a bigger stage, waving your hands around just doesn’t seem like fun. Like Dan Saffer pointed out in the article, it’s the places where a subtle gestural interaction can be used it makes sense.