User Interface Engineering: The Most Valuable UX Person In The World

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They are the most valuable UX person in the world.

"Design well, my friend."

  • She builds her wireframes with real wire from ancient hand-smelted Ukranian steel.
  • Her worst personas could kick the ass of your best personas.
  • His pattern library is now in the Library of Congress.
  • When she explains good design visuals, the only thing Edward Tufte can add is "What she said."
  • He's organized his wine cellar in order of awesome.
  • Wikileaks is ready to release her sketchbooks just because they're cool.
  • He only sketches on the front of the napkin.
  • He built the world's biggest web site, using only his left hand.
  • Last season's American Idol featured her concept maps.
  • His research finds customers desire to research his behavior.
  • He is the only person Don Norman agrees with.
  • She makes her own icons out of straw.
  • Software bugs specifically ask for her to fix them.
  • He defined the damn thing, then moved on.
  • Her study participants screen themselves. Out.
  • Her interactions are the basis for everyone else's designs.
  • Scalpers sell tickets to his project kickoff meetings.
  • He is already coding in HTML6. And has been for a decade.