Launch: Shipping A 1.0 Product Isn’t Going To Kill You, But It Will Try

Ah, the joys of a startup.

Oh…and drop dead deadlines:

I’m not even programming; all I’m doing is trying to make sure that everyone on the team experiences no roadblocks and figure out how we can possibly move faster. It still takes time, though, and I’m spending 90% of my waking hours and 100% of my mental energy at the office. In the most cliche startup moment of all, my girlfriend leaves me the day after Valentine’s Day; I guess I saw that coming for a few weeks.

The first build we ship internally is a week late, and crashes every ten seconds. Interface elements jump around randomly, taunting us. A week and a half to go.

Rhys (the entirety of the Android team) is ahead on implementing the design, but then we dive into video playback. Oh, the default playback mechanisms on Android won’t give us the smooth experience we want. Rewrite. Despair. Wait. It works. Rhys looks like he’s going to die from exhaustion.

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