Jeff Bullas: 10 Reasons Why Ducks Just Don’t Get Social Media

Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up:

So…Why don't ducks get social media?

  1. It's nearly impossible to type with webbed feet
  2. Computers just don't like water
  3. Broadband access isn't available in ponds…yet!
  4. Frankly, it all seems to be so much hard work maintaining all those updates
  5. Quacking comes naturally, tweeting is for other birds
  6. Blogging each night is just too much with ducklings to feed
  7. Stumbleupon is more to do with a slippery pond
  8. Delicious sounds like   a   a good worm treat
  9. Blogging is just too confusing
  10. Social media mobile apps for ducks just aren't popular, so no one is developing them

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