New York Times: Android Is An “Open” Club Google Controls

Sounds about right:

Android phones must adhere to a "compatibility" standard determined by Google. In an e-mail on Aug. 6, 2010, Dan Morrill, a manager in the Android group, noted in passing that it was obvious to the phone makers that "we are using compatibility as a club to make them do things we want."

…and you would think open would mean being able to plug in other technologies. Not so:

In an e-mail dated June 2, 2010, Tim Vangoethem, a Motorola executive, wrote to Skyhook executives that Google had informed Motorola that Skyhook's location service on the planned smartphone "renders the device no longer Android Compatible."

Google can do whatever it wants — they open the OS. But they shouldn’t be standing behind the “Don’t do evil” philosophy if they’re only as open as Microsoft is. I’m sure there are a lot of companies and government agencies that are concerned about the amount of control Google is now exerting over the market.

And I think that’s rightfully so.

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