Ux Magazine: UX Tips for People Who Think They Are UX Designers

This is a great post:

I only have two rules for doing UX design. My first rule is:  be lazy.

Through years of practice I have become quite adept at following this rule. But why is being lazy a good attribute for doing UX design? Because it prevents one from doing stupid, cute, things. Sure, some of those stupid/cute things might be brilliant, but most of them would diminish the UX of the product or perhaps take a lot of your development time for no real improvement to the final result. Just like in evolution, there are lots of mutations but only a very few of them will actually be useful.

I have also found that being lazy is a sort of filter for adding new features to the UX of a product. When I think of something new to add or enhance, I usually just make a note of it and then forget about it. If a few people who are testing the product suggest the same feature, then maybe it was actually a good idea. Once I have reinforcement for the idea, I’m motivated to push through my laziness to implement the new feature.

My second rule is:  copy good UX whenever you see it.

This one is a no-brainer. Everyone does it, but I suspect that most people feel a little cheap in doing so. I say embrace your inner copycat. If you see a product that has great UX, then copy that stuff and tweak it a bit to make it yours. Every first-person shooter game is a knockoff of the original, Wolfenstein 3D. I’m so glad that no one at Bungie thought that they would be called copycats for creating Halo.

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