Siberian Fruit: The Myth About What You Are and Aren’t Good At

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I can think of multiple instances when people have come to me and asked how is it that I've managed to do what I've done.

People like to ask if I've gone to school for these things. The answer is a giant NO. There was no school involved. I simply did these things because I wanted to do them and I had an  irrational, unsupported-by-anything  belief (which I really can take no credit for) that I can do those things! It's that simple. I believed that I could, that they were mine to claim and I did them.

We all know those people who think they can and those people who simply think they can't. Some jump forward with zero preparation, make mistakes, learn, adjust, while others take classes, read books, read and research endlessly, feeling overwhelmed by the necessity to be "ready" and to build up slowly before starting on a task.

Here's some simple proof. When Wanelo first launched, the design was just plain bad. There's no other way of putting. It was utterly horrible. And, in retrospect, I really didn't care about how bad it was. I wanted to design it. I  thought I could design it well. I liked the problem I set out to solve. And I decided that I loved designing enough to figure it out (i.e. make mistakes, learn and fix them). So I did it. But the reality is that I was not good at it and I had no idea what I was doing.

The more we know, the more we don’t know, but are willing to learn. Right?

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