Entrepreneur: Swiss Group Wants to Banish PowerPoint


Matthias Poehm, a former software engineer-turned-public speaking trainer has started —  yes  — the  Anti-PowerPoint Party  (APPP) earlier this month. Headquartered in Bonstetten, Switzerland, the APPP calls itself an “international movement” that intends to “decrease the number of boring presentations worldwide.” The goal is to make it so that people who don’t want to use PowerPoint “will not have to justify themselves in the future,” it says.

The APPP says people who attend “futile” PowerPoint presentations result in almost $500 billion in hourly wage losses for employers worldwide. Instead, APPP says people should consider using flip charts, which it claims are 95 percent more effective than using presentation software.

$500 billion? Really?

PowerPoint doesn’t kill presentations; people who use PowerPoint kill presentations.