UXmatters: How Important Are UX Degrees and Certifications?

Great post. It has answers from some of the leading UX  practitioners, some of whom don’t have a  degree.

"A degree or a certificate isn't going to magically get you respect, make you employable, get you on the speaker circuit, cure acne, or make you more attractive to the love of your life. A degree is  not  going to instantly improve your UX skills. Only lots and lots of practice can do that. All of the employers of UX professionals that I know-myself included-are looking for experience first and above all. However, that doesn't mean a degree is useless.”

"Of course, having a degree gets you past foolish HR departments that  require  a degree. However, remember that people who require a degree also look at applicants' experience. The most experience wins-the degree just lets you take part in the race.”

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