Digital Trends: The Re-imagined Windows 8 Metro Concept That You Wish Was Real

Gorgeous. You have to see this:

The clean, re-imagined Windows 8 concept is a refreshing break from Microsoft's Metro user interface. It's a kickback to earlier versions of Windows, and has us wishing that Microsoft could buy out Phyek's design to offer it as an alternative. Don't get us wrong, Windows Metro aligns with Microsoft's 2010 mobile operating system, Windows Phone "Mango", and in itself is an innovative product. Microsoft developed a solution for integrating social media, and up-to-date information, alongside the typical icons for files that all operating systems to this day have used.

One thing is sure: Metro is absolutely far from a mimicry of Apple's OS X. As  ZDnet  humorously  points out, it brings back memories of 2006, when Apple's Bertrand Serlet compared the uncanny similarities between Mac OS X Tiger and Microsoft's Windows Vista. Microsoft's fervent desire to differentiate itself from Apple has been evident, and to that extent, the designers over at Microsoft have accomplished their goal with Metro.

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