Taking The UX Drinking Game Down To San Diego’s UX Speakeasy March 31

The UX Speakeasy Conference  is on March 31 at the San Diego Zoo — rumor has it, they’re going to let me out of my cage.

They have been kind enough to invite me and Dylan Campbell, a great recruiter out of Los Angeles, to talk about all aspects of interviewing and writing your resume as an User Experience Designer:

From Application To Interview: How To Get A Great UX Job

The process of getting a great user experience job isn't as hard as you would think. This workshop covers all aspects of the interview process,from presenting a great resume and portfolio, what to expect during an in person interview, and how much flexibility companies have in salary and compensation. Also covered are questions to ask during the phone screen and in-person interviews, how to spot trouble signs, and what else to look for so you can find the right culture for your skills and career.

One of the breakout sessions will also include the UX Drinking Game: “If a conference invites two guys to talk about something they know nothing about, drink.”  The attendee that comes up with the best reason to drink will win a George Foreman Grill.

It’s only $179, not bad for a one day event. Don’t go just because I’ll be there:  Aaron Irizarry, Angel Anderson, Dennis Wixon and Russ Unger are going to offer their thoughts on our wonderful industry. And you get a free ticket to the San Diego Zoo to boot! Such a bargain!

You should go. I’ll bring the hooch.

Ping me and I’ll give you the promo code for 15 percent off that $179.