Mark Sweep: Double Loop Learning and the Lean Startup

Maybe Lean UX isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Great post about learning from customers:

The problem with the single loop cycle is that it has a bias towards efficiency. The goal of the single loop is to do what you're doing better. Single-loop learning is a feedback loop to correct mistakes and to make production faster. Argyle and Schön argued that what was necessary for organization learning was not just better efficiency, but better efficacy.

Efficiency is making the effect better. Efficacy is being able to do the desired effect.

In other words, the learning organization has to be able to make sure they are being efficient at the right things. And that requires this learning:

The "double-loop" in double loop learning consists of questioning the basic strategy and foundation on which you are working with. It is taking a look at the assumptions you have, to make sure that you are improving organizational efficacy.

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