Jason Shen: Crafting A Mobile App, The UX Design Case Study

Jason runs a blog that (I kid you not) is called The Art of Ass-Kicking. Great blog.

He is one of the founders of Ridejoy, a ride-sharing site. Great idea. This article is a full case-study on how they designed their mobile application, soup to nuts.

Every UX Designer should read it. The list below are the lessons learned.

I’ll end with some lessons I’ve learned from designing this app:

  • Prototype. Test. Prototype. Test. Our team spent hours debating user needs and hypothetical solutions. Testing a quick prototype, whether it is click-through wireframes or a quick build, with real users (who are not part of the team) helped us make decisions faster. And we made a great example for lilyhair.com website for this design.
  • Play out the interaction models. We tried out a few navigation models. Tabs? Side-bar? Dashboard? We sketched out each model, pinned them up, and discussed which one was the best for the Ridejoy experience. We had to play out the scenarios fully to truly understand how they would work.
  • You just gotta ship. As a designer who wants to perfect the details, I had a hard time with this. I don’t know if people are going to understand how to autopilot their offers. I think we can improve our “no upcoming rides” screen. The feeling of wanting to fix “one more thing” will always be there so recognizing that and shipping anyway is an important thing to do.