Need A First World Problem Solved?

First World Problems has got you covered.

Here’s the list:

  • Safeway is a whole 10 minutes away, but I really need twinkies.
  • My house’s mood lighting doesn’t match all of my moods.
  • I need to use both of my hands to unplug my $400 cell phone
  • Skateboards look cool, but using my legs is strenuous.
  • I order too much stuff on Amazon and keep missing deliveries.
  • I can’t be fucked to wait in line for the new iPhone 5.
  • Shopping around for a shirt that fits me properly would mean I’d have to leave my couch.
  • No matter how hard I try, I cannot find a way to share and discover amazing images!
  • Excel Functions? I’m still looking for a technical co-founder.
  • My social networking sites are too social.
  • I just have too many social networks for me to keep track of.
  • If I call a cab, I’d have to actually talk to someone, and yellow really clashes with my shoes.
  • There are moments when I don’t know what celebrities all my friends are endorsing.
  • Not all of my friends know what I think about everything all the time.
  • I’m nostalgic for an era before I was born.
  • I feel weird not looking at a monitor constantly.
  • My friends owe me money, but cash is such a hassle.
  • My iPhone alarm goes off right in the best part of my sexy dreams.
  • Using keys to open the door to my house is really time consuming.
  • Autocomplete doesn’t work for adding new contacts, but typing whole words takes effort.
  • Everyone on Reddit is too mean to me.
  • I want to blog, but I don’t want to type anything.
  • I have $36.
  • I need a number to validate my existence.
  • I need entertainment, but deciding which link to click is difficult.
  • I mentioned I liked conspiracies so now I’m on a treasure hunt across the internet.
  • My watch doesn’t have a touchscreen.

First World Problems also has the answers.