Why Do People Hate Phone Companies Like Rogers?

Really poor customer service. So poor, I have to take to social media to get any proper attention.

A friend of mine received a phone bill from Rogers Communications, a cellular company in Canada. On it was $619 for international roaming charges — six days in Hong Kong and China which no one could explain. She was there for two months, and is very experienced international traveller.

She knows how to turn data roaming off.

What’s worse is the customer service received in response to this issue:

  • Reported the issue originally on Jan 2.
  • Called back several times.
  • Still have not gotten an answer as of today, 20 days later.
  • Was hung up on three times, twice today.
  • Was told by the first customer service representative that iPhone applications can automatically turn on data roaming without the user knowing it. To someone who designs iPhone applications, and knows this is not the case.
  • Was told by the second customer service¬†representative that the roaming settings are easy to accidentally turn. You know, the settings that are three menus down on an iPhone.
  • Had to call a customer service representative to remove automatic billing (there’s no option on the website). That is black hat UX, and not customer friendly.
  • Their technical support department can’t see billing records, and vice versa, which is even worse from a business process prospective. Very customer unfriendly.
  • Customers cannot walk into a Rogers store and resolve an issue easily. You know, like Verizon or AT&T.

20 days.

Several incorrect answers that less experienced people would have accepted.

Several customer service representatives giving incorrect information.

No resolution other than one representative offering to be put on a pre-paid plan of 80 dollars. That would have meant paying 80 dollars for phantom usage. She was running from Starbucks to Starbucks to get her email.

All this trouble for a customer who’s cellular phone contract is up for renewal. You know, a customer that’s been with them 10 years, and through all this doesn’t want to switch companies.

Will someone help? Please?

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