Kyle Neath: Pixels Don’t Care

Now I’m moved.

So I was catching up on Twitter and blog reading, and I came along this post. Kyle Neath has always kind of cracked me up — that photo on Twitter — but the blog post about how the internet can level the playing field is great. To paraphrase, he didn’t know the value of his early work, and found solace through a Ruby on Rails community.

It took me until early 2009 for me to realize the real value of this network. I was miserable at my job and I sent a long-winded email to court3nay inquiring about working with ENTP. ENTP was a half-product, half-consulting agency at this point comprised almost solely of caboosers. All of whom had never met me or ever heard my voice. About 30 seconds later I got a response:

Hey Kyle,

That’s pretty fuckin awesome, if you’ll pardon my french.

We’re just heading out to breakfast, I mean, an important company meeting, but I’ll get back to you today.

Courtenay & Rick

And then a follow up:

OK, I’ve talked it over with everyone (unanimous— “kyle? awesome!”)
I think you’ll fit into our team perfectly.

No in person interview. No phone calls. No technical test. They were confident enough in my pixels to give me what equated to my dream job at that point in my life.

Really fucking crazy.

This industry we work in is magical. For the first time in human history, it’s possible to be represented (almost) solely through the merits of your work. Build something magical, push it up to GitHub under a pseudonym, and you could become one of the most sought after programmers in the world.

Do great work. Reach out. Pixels don’t care. Exactly.