Have Your Portfolio Featured on Usability Counts and Win a $100 Starbucks Card

I received a suggestion from a friend of mine, “Why don’t you get a list of the best portfolios you have seen, and post them?”

What a great idea!

I don’t go out looking for them — I do have a day job — but I will be doing an article about portfolios.

I need a bunch submitted, plus I’ll send a $100 Starbucks Card to what I think is the best portfolio. The final deadline is August 15, 2013.

There are no rules for this other than what I pick, so no whining is allowed. And you can’t win if you aren’t following me on Twitter.

If it’s a portfolio that sets no context (read: Dribble), I probably won’t feature it. It has to tell a story about each client you worked with, and the overall story of your career. I’ll keep track of the best designers and send them off to some super cool companies. Remember, you have to be a UX Designer. Visual design is a plus, but it won’t be the focus of this post.

Send me an email with your URL, or DM me on the twitters.