CMS Fridays: The Final Decision on NFB vs. Target, And The Impact On Section 508

So while I was napping, Target settled with the National Federation of the Blind for $6 million, ending a class action lawsuit that stated wasn’t accessible to blind users. One percent of that would have probably fixed the Target site before this happened. Target of course admitted no wrongdoing, which means that no precedent has been set (and there will be yet another court case to prove the legal standing of Section 508).

(Oddly enough, Section 508 was declared to be valid only for physical spaces in a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines. That verdict was passed down in 2002, but it doesn’t appear to be a California-based court. In any case, I’d rather protect the site than pay for lawyers if I were CEO of a corporation.)

Is your site safe?

Just another reminder that doing a few things goes a long way in protecting yourself from issues regarding SharePoint, and the lawsuit went a bit further: if you live in California, local laws actually protect you more is you suffer a disability.

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