Cool Website Tuesdays: New York Times

In times of breaking news and shocking events, it’s best to have a go-to website for news and content, and there’s no substitute for the old grey lady, the New York Times. While they might not be groundbreaking in their site design, this is one of the easiest sites on the web to navigate, the content has gotten better in recent years, and there’s just something about reading a newspaper of record.


(I know, it’s been around for a while, but it’s still nifty…)

If you want to see something really cool, try the SilverLight version of the paper. It’s slick because it downloads the paper local, so you can read it offline. If looks like the real version of the New York Times, complete with the type, and if you resize the window, it resizes the article and the number of columns.

It automatically syncs when online like RSS Feeds, and the advertisements are overly obtrusive. It’s not free (and I’m a firm believer that all content shouldn’t be free) but at $15 a month, is cheaper than getting the paper delivered.

Would you pay $15 a month for this service?

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