Ask Usability Counts on Google Plus Hangout: Thursday, July 21 at 6pm PST

Note: I’m moving it because I have a conflict with a cocktail party. Cocktail parties are always first!

As an experiment, I’ve decided to start Google Plus Hangout Thursday, July 21 at 6pm PST. It’ll go until I run out of whiskey.

We’ll talk about anything and everything User Experience, San Francisco, and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, not necessarily in that order. I know the room is limited to 10 people, but I wanted to see how many people showed up. It should be a hoot. I’m not the smartest User Experience professional out there (that’s for Jakob Nielsen, and he’ll tell ya :) ), but my opinions are my own.

The guest list is…

I promise it will be a Robert Scoble and Chris Brogan free zone.

I’m going to broadcast it to people that are part of my User Experience circle. To add me, visit  my Google Plus profile. Drop me a note, I’ll send you a calendar reminder.

If you want a Google Plus invite, ping me on my  Twitter feed.