The Social Skinny: 100 Social Media, Mobile and Internet Statistics for March 2012

Great information and a must read. This is the list for social media for business statistics.

  • Only 26% of businesses frequently include calls to action in their tweets – 49% never include a call to action
  • Only 23% have used Twitter to promote a social-only deal, such as a coupon or discount available only to Twitter users who click the link
  • 29% of brands on Facebook have offered deals within the channel
  • People were 25% more likely to buy a product they would be proud of if it had social buttons placed next to it, but 25% less likely to buy a product they would be embarrassed of if it encouraged them to like or tweet about it (by having social share buttons nearby)
  • 70% of business ignore complaints on Twitter
  • 83% of people who complained on Twitter liked or loved a response by the company
  • 58% of businesses saw a drop in marketing costs by moving to social marketing
  • 72% of marketers handle social media themselves, the rest outsource
  • 78% of women are happy to share what brand they prefer, compared to 74% of men

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