Onward Search: How To Shape Your UX Job

Yup, that’s me — I’ll be guestblogging much more. An excerpt:

I did a presentation recently with  Dylan Campbell  about getting a great UX Job. One of the key comments was: "While you feel you don't have to know how to code, JavaScript developers are here at the event leaning about User Experience. That makes them more valuable than you."

Employers want flexible people. Specialists are great for specific tasks, but the resource and skill set needs of any business change with each software development life cycle.

You should change with them.

That might mean learning a new skill, or reacquainting yourself with skills you haven't used in a while. You have to sell yourself as a great resource that can grow, learn and expand your knowledge with the company – that alone will allow you to shape your new UX Job, and, by extension, your career.

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